The SPD PD-M324 pedal

The Shimano Deore PD-M324 pedal is a classic for mountain bikers and vacation cyclists who want to use the bike for longer distances, as well as for running errands. The PD-M324 pedals from Shimano’s Deore series are made of a durable aluminum. While this adds weight, it makes these pedals extremely durable and the choice for true touring cyclists.

SH56 multi release plates

The M324 pedal comes with the SH56 multi release plates, which make it super easy to click out. The PD-M324 pedal features the SPD click system on one side and is a platform pedal on the other. The PD-M324 pedal is a solid pedal, which is a bit heavier than the SPD pedals without the platform.

The convenience of the SPD PD-M324 pedal

The convenience of the SPD PD-M324 pedals is that these SPD PD-M324 pedals are very versatile and are also made to be mounted on an all-round bike. In fact, this combination pedal allows you to engage an SPD cleat on one side, where the other side of the pedal is completely flat. The pedals feature a sealed mechanism and cup and cone bearings, which allow for maintenance. In addition, the SPD PD-M324 pedals feature adjustable click-in and click-out tension. These pedals can therefore be used with normal shoes without any worries!

Solid steel axle

The SPD PD-M324 pedal is equipped with a very sturdy steel axle. In combination with the cup-conus bearings, this pedal turns very smoothly. Which increases the ease and enjoyment for every cyclist. By the way, this SPD PD-M324 pedal is very easy to maintain. A characteristic of these pedals is that they are resistant to dirt. So you can ride through sand, snow and mud without any problems. This is because the dirt does not get stuck due to the open design of the click mechanism.


The Shimano PD-M324 pedals have an adjustable click-in and click-out system that allows each user to determine how tightly the shoes should be fastened. Thus, for the more avid cyclists, there is the option of a tight fit for the most control, and for mountain beginners and cyclists who are not yet as familiar with being clipped in, there is the option of slightly loosening the click tension.